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The new SPA center offers Finnish and herbal sauna, adventure showers, relaxation area, steam room, Turkish bath, unique salt room, one indoor and two outdoor pools, indoor and outdoor jacuzzi, fitness center. We offer a variety of massages, seasonal therapies and treatments with natural cosmetic products. The spa is open every day from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Spa reception

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Services That We Offer

“Summer Memories” Therapy

Full recovery muscle Therapy, to reduce tension and pain, for cleaning and hydrating the skin. Extremely luxurious
scrub with a wonderful aroma, containing sea salts, raspberry oil and acerola extract, perfectly polishes and nourishes the skin. Following is a personally adapted massage, tailored to the specific needs of your body. The therapy ends withfine hydration of the skin with lotion “Summer Memories”

70 min. 170 BGN

Anti-Cellulite Therapy

Anti-cellulite and astringent therapy. Reduces fluid retention and cellulite, tightens and improves skin elasticity, neutralizes the feeling of “heavy legs”. It combines specific drainage massage techniques, detoxifying natural oil, anticellulite gel and skin tightening serum.

55 min. 150 BGN

Classical full body massage

Improves blood circulation, relieves muscle pain and tension, increases joint flexibility. It is recommended for the prevention and treatment of some diseases of the peripheral nervous system and musculoskeletal system in people under constant stress.

50 min. 110 BGN

Anti-stress massage

Relieves tension and regulates energy flow, complete massage with emphasis on the head, feet and palms.

50 min. 120 BGN

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage

Coconut oil massage helps to relieve not only physical stress, but also mental, emotional and spiritual blockages.

50 min. 120 BGN

The mineral water in Sandanski

The town of Sandanski is the best and officially recognized natural balneological center for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system. People from all over Bulgaria and even from abroad come to the city for treatment.
The area is extremely rich in mineral waters, there are over 80 springs with a temperature of 42-81° C, and only near the city itself there are about 20 of them.
The mineral waters in Sandanski are transparent, have no smell and have a pleasant taste. They have a neutral to slightly alkaline reaction, the mineralization is 0.57 - 0.69 g. They are hyperthermal, hydrocarbonate, sulfate, sodium, fluorine (F=4 -7 mg/l), contain high content of metasilicic acid. The elements boron, lithium, strontium, germanium and other metals give the medicinal properties.
They are suitable for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, the central and peripheral nervous system, skin and gynecological diseases and allergies, as well as for the treatment of obesity. When water is drunk according to a special pattern, it has a positive effect on the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver and bile ducts.
But the main focus of the resort, its specialty is the treatment of bronchial asthma and other diseases of the respiratory system and otorhinolaryngology of a non-specific nature (chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis, rhinitis) in both children and adults. Studies conducted by experts suggest that the healing properties of the mineral springs of Sandanski are so strong that within a week after the start of treatment, in 75% of patients with bronchial muscle spasms disappear, and in half of patients with asthma the effects disappear completely.
This is due to the unique climate and Sandanski, close to the Mediterranean Sea to a large extent.

  • Мineral water composition
    F6.0 mg/l
    Cl15.6 mg/l
    SO4132.9 mg/l
    HCO3228.8 mg/l
    Na157.6 mg/l
    K2.55 mg/l
    Ca6.3 mg/l
    Mg0.04 mg/l
    H2SiO380-142 mg/l
    Mineralization:0,57 – 0,69 g

Health & Sports

The fitness center has cardio and muscle equipment for each muscle group. Eco tourism lovers can enjoy a walk along the eco and cycle paths within the complex.


The indoor mineral pool measures 13 x 9 m, 33 ° C, depth 1.20m-1.80m.

Work time:

Sunday – Thursday from 09:00 am to 8:00 pm

Friday – Saturday from 09:00 am. to 8:00 pm

The outdoor jacuzzi is open whole year, water temperature 33 – 36°C

The outdoor mineral pool is open whole year, 0.40-1.80 m deep, 24 – 30°C.

The outdoor children’s mineral pool is open from May to October, depth 0.30-0.60 m, 28 – 32°C

At your disposal is the Infinity Bar and Summer Garden, where you can enjoy your favorite drinks and cocktails.

Curative programs:

Program for treatment of conditions after limb fractures

Program for treatment of arthro-rheumatic diseases of joints / scoliosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, spondylosis /

Program for treatment of peripheral nervous system / plexitis, radiculitis, sciatica /

Program disease of the lungs and upper airway / bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, allergic rinosinuit, state after bronchopneumonia, emphysema, bronchial/

Treatment programs include the following procedures:

Medical examination

Physiotherapy – magnetotherapy, ultrasound therapy, inhalations with mineral water

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation – breathing exercises, ternolechenie, heliotherapy, klimatoterapiya, mud, specialized kinesitherapy techniques healing massages

Spa Etiquette
  • Arriving at the Spa
    Please arrive at the Spa center 15 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment and enjoy the calm and serenity of the Spa atmosphere. Arriving late makes it necessary to curtail the time for your treatment.
  • Mobile Phones
    Kindly refrain from using your mobile phone in the Spa premises. Please keep your mobile phone on silent mode at all times.
  • Valuables
    We provide a secure place for your personal items inside the complex. However, we do not accept liability for loss or damage. We recommend valuable items are stored inside the safe located in your hotel room/suite.
  • Health Matters
    Please communicate health conditions such as high blood pressure and allergies, as well as pregnancy or any health-related concerns you may have when making your appointment. We do not recommend the consumption of alcohol before or directly after spa treatments or before using any facilities in the Spa area.
  • Children
    The minimum age for entry to the Spa center is 12 years of age. Children under the age of 12 may use the hotel pool if they are accompanied by a parent/adult.
  • Safety
    There is no lifeguard at the pool. Children may only use the pool if accompanied by an adult or parent/guardian.
  • Smoking, Alcohol and Food
    Kindly note that you are not allowed to smoke, bring alcohol and food in the Spa area.